Test Entrance and Scholarship 3

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Located in Chakrapath, Maharajganj – the heart of the capital city, National Integrated College (NIC) was established in 2001 AD with an aim to explore and develop potential of each student. NIC has been playing a significant role in Nepal’s mission to literacy since its  establishment  with  its  exceptional  results. In these glorious two decades, it has become an outstanding center for knowledge and academic excellence producing hundreds of bright and brilliant graduates from all economic and social groups. At NIC, we consider it as our duty to fuel the dreams of aspiring students who wish to build successful career in areas of their choice.

We feel that NIC has unique ethos that provide a calm and caring environment to students to focus on their achievements and engagements. Let NIC create a roadmap for your studies and career development. We help each student to explore and develop their potential so that they can succeed in any career they choose to pursue in their professional life. NIC is dedicated to provide high quality academic and vocational education with special focus on imparting practical knowledge to students.

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